Girls Who Code

Computer science no longer belongs only to the boys!

Girls Who Codeopens a new window is a national non-profit organization determined to close the gender gap in technology.

This organization provides summer clubs and immersion camps to empower girls of all ages to hone their computer skills in order to raise the number of women in the field of technology.  What started as 20 girls in New York has expanded to 10,000 across the United States!

Another reason this organization is so great, any girl with any experience, from never turning a computer on in their life to an HTML genius are welcome to join these programs.

There are a number of skills that these girls learn in addition to coding: time management, teamwork, functions & variables, confidence, communication, and more!

Check out this videoopens a new window to see the newest project and promotion from Girls Who Code!

Check out the website: a new window to see some real projects made by these Girls Who Code!

For more reading check out this blogopens a new window to learn about a real girls who have succeeded in this program, what this program means to them, and how we can continue to encourage our daughters, friends, sisters, and more to bridge the gender gap in technology.

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