Children’s Library

Children's Library


Thomas Hughes Children's Library, which offers customized learning experiences for early learners, elementary learners and tweens, is on the 2nd floor of Harold Washington Library Center. The children's library features materials, computers, events and much more for kids through eighth grade. We invite you to explore this exciting space.


Our Best of Lists

Best of Lists

The Magic of Pictures: Inspiring Kids to Read with Comics

It is important for educators and caretakers to share comics with the kids they love, so they too can develop a love of reading.

Take and Make Kits for Adults: Cross Stitch

Aug 5th | 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Join us as we learn together how to cross stitch some cute designs.

Homework Help

Hands-On Learning with ScienceConnections Discovery Packs

Our ScienceConnections Discovery Packs let kids explore different STEM topics through hands-on learning.

Parent and Caregiver Resources

Online Resources

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