No Good Soup Goes Unpunished

Soup. What is it? Why is it? Can it be stopped?

Soup was first discovered by Lemuel Kilpatrick XXVIII when he was attempting to synthesize the pure essence of rotten tomato at a party. Ever since, it has tormented us all.

Make no mistake, soup is not your friend. It will see you and everything you love burn to the ground. But there is hope. We've found the things that soup truly fears. And it's time to fight back.



While these bad boys may be milk's favorite cookie, they're soup's worst enemy. Dunk them in a bowl of French onion soup and watch it cry.



Fun fact: no soup has ever had salt in it. Know why? Because salt is kryptonite to soup.

kung fu

Kung Fu

Kung fu is the only thing that can truly defeat soup. But beware, for it has great power.

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